5 Tips for Your First Acupuncture Apointment

You might go to acupuncture for all sorts of reasons

which might include; anti-aging, general wellness, relief from headaches, or if you’re like me; maybe for hormone and thyroid balancing (you can click here for a detailed post about that). It was a little nervous (and that’s okay if you are too!), especially because I tend to have anxiety around new situations, sensations, or places (especially bad when it comes to health) – and this happened to be ALL those things including the cherry on top – health!

My first consultation went fantastic, and upon your first meeting,  you’re going to make sure you feel comfortable and trusted their competence. It didn’t hurt that one of my best friends works in the practice I went to, so I think that helped settle my nerves a substantial amount.

Make sure you look up the doctors’ credentials and thankfully had someone to personally ask about their experience at said practice!

He was well knowledged in my lifestyle diet and put all supplements into consideration that I was vegan. If you have certain ethical, lifestyle, or medical needs, you’ll want to put this into high consideration to increase your comfort levels. Instead of insisting I change my diet, we discussed some small changes that could take place to help me better my health. Something to take into consideration is most insurances won’t cover acupuncture, however some do. So, make sure you check to see if its covered or at least have your sessions go toward your deductible.

Before making the commitment, make sure you can afford your sessions.

For instance, if you’re going to treating an internal issue, frequent appointments may be necessary at first (ask your doctor of course!) For myself, I know I should be going twice a week, but I can only afford once a week, knowing this I make sure I do my best to follow other protocols I was given (influx of many different kinds of mushrooms for amino acids, b12 spray, certain yoga poses, daily vitamin D tablets, DHA+EPA, and holistic thyroid support complex.)

You’ll want to wear loose and comfortable clothing

Which, I know most of us will jump to that offer! Each person’s points will be different during the session. You might wind up by dressing down to the basics (being covered with towels for privacy.) Since you might even have quite a few points on your legs, stomach, and chest (and one right on your forehead – a little scary but my personal fav!)

So, keep in mind that everyone’s experiences will be different.

One thing I can confidently say, is its doubtful you’ll feel any REAL pain.

Even if you’re very sensitive to needles (I know you’d figure with all these tattoos I’d be used to it but IM NOT!) Honestly, you’ll barely feel anything when it’s happening. When you do feel something, just remember to come back to breath, and the discomfort will completely subside. If it doesn’t and is causing actual pain, make sure you mention it to your doctor.

The third thing to consider is how long you’ll be alone with your thoughts.

Maybe if you don’t do much meditating if any at all, being in a dim-lit room for 30min to 1 hour will seem like an ETERNITY. Even as someone who meditates often, sometimes I can get a little restless. But THEN, I have times like my most recent session where I was able to lucid dream while getting acupuncture. When my session was over – I seriously felt like a new person. Just remember that you’re doing this service for your body and wellbeing.

No looking at your phone, worrying about what’s for dinner, your to-do list, or really anything non-essential.

Nothing matters during this time except yourself.

What matters during those moments is letting go, and when you feel your mind starting to wander – I go back to your breath and concentrate on that. I even have moments when that won’t work, and I like to envision my body actually being healed by a white light, or sometimes I’ll get creative and imagine spirit guides performing reiki on my body and conversing about the light healing my particular ailment. Sometimes this form of visualization helps calm my mind while getting some of that pent up energy out in a constructive way instead of ruminating thoughts. I heard this quote once saying if you don’t have 15 minutes to meditate, you should be meditating for 30 minutes. Does that resonate with anyone else?

Number four might seem obvious to some, and profound to others, but you might like to eat a few hours before, and afterward have a light meal. I’m going after work and it’s a little late by the time I get home, so adjust accordingly to your schedule. Also, to make sure you’re drinking an adequate amount of h20 the day of my appointment too!

The last thing is the most important and might seem like a hypocritical statement.

Don’t expect relaxation.
Don’t expect profound meditative states.

Don’t expect immediate results

Don’t expect all of your pain to be resolved after one session.

Go into it with a completely open mind!

What are some things you wish you knew before your first acupuncture appointment? Or even better, what’s something you learned along the way?

I Have a Thyroid and Hormone Imbalance

So, some of you may have seen on my Instagram stories, but recently I had an occurrence that I feel many women have, but few talk about it or question it.

Being 26, this is my last year on my mother’s health insurance, and you bet that I’m fully taking advantage of that. I decided to get a full blood panel done, test my hormones (I’ve been hormonal birth control free for just over a year – blog post here on that) test my thyroid for good measure, and cortisol levels.

Well, was I in for a surprise.

Upon sitting down with my doctor, it was as if she had never looked over my results until that very moment. She said everything looked fine except my vitamin D was low, and that I could be on my way. I gave her a puzzled look and asked about all the extensive tests I elected to have done, and their results. At this point, she seemed rushed and said “OH, YES, well, seems here your thyroid is on the low end” and proceeded to write a prescription. I exclaimed that I did NOT want a script, and her response is something that will always stick with me, “If you’re not on medication now, you will be next year. Our genes control us, we don’t control them.” Mind you, I was on the low end of the range within normal limits, and she refused to work out a more natural course of treatment or supply options.

She also couldn’t comprehend the fact that I was a vegan, and kept going on and on that my thyroid might be off from the hotdogs and cold-cuts I eat, to which I laughed because I haven’t had any of those items in over fifteen years, and mentioned 5 times prior that I’m a vegan (she was suggesting fish oil, suggesting less red meat, all to which I’d have to repeat my strict diet over and over.) I took this alone as a clear sign of the current office I was at NOT being the place for me, and how can any doctor really pay attention when they have so little time for each patient? In that very moment I knew I no longer wanted to be beneath her care, and that I would be going elsewhere.

My concerns were completely dismissed, was told that I haven’t been practicing medicine for 40 years, my past use of hormonal birth control had nothing to do with my hormones being off, and people don’t have repercussions from previous medications for years to come.
Now, I know damn well even without ever having kids, that even after childbirth, hormones can take a while to return to homeostasis (hello post-partum.) I am beyond thrilled I listened to my intuition and denied medication, when I wasn’t even explained the proper list of potential side effects or even given the option to give this a go without a script.

I had this overwhelming urge to talk about my experience online, though I had tears in my eyes and was well defeated. I couldn’t believe the support and openness I received right back, and I am still so thankful and quite honestly still can’t believe how many people reached out to me. I had a synchronicity happening in my messages then too, a friend mentioned acupuncture being an option, and at the same moment, my close friend (who works at an acupuncturist’s office) said I should come in, as her doctor helped her with her own hormones.

I have been working more on trusting the universe, and letting go of control, and I saw the correlation, and took the soonest appointment.

Later that same day, after having a consultation at the Acupuncturists’, I felt like my doctor listened to me for the first time in my life.

I felt heard, accepted, and a sense of hope instead of just being thrown on medication and hoping for the best. Though it was just a consultation, we talked about a course of action for the time being involving different yoga poses, a small change in diet, and a new supplement to start before my first official visit the following week. He even took the time to make sure my supplements were vegan, and to give vegan recommendations on the diet portion, it all felt like a dream especially after what happened earlier that day.

As someone with a long history of anxiety, depression, autoimmune, migraines, severe allergies, and chronic pain from endometriosis, dissatisfying doctor visits are a reoccurring theme in my life.

At 26, to finally have a doctor say that my assumptions may be right, was amazing. I urge anyone having any issues at all, whether its chronic pain, mental health, autoimmune issues, anything really; please don’t just go off the recommendations of one doctor because that’s just what you’ve been conditioned to do.

If a doctor’s medication choice makes you uncomfortable, say something. If their course of treatment makes you uneasy, there is never anything wrong with getting a second opinion.

Personally, I would rather a more natural course of treatment be tried before having to go on medication, at the very least I could say “I tried”.

My acupuncturist said something very powerful that resonated so deep in my core about my hormones; “Picture your hormones going to work every day, and suddenly when they get there, their job is already done. Why would they keep going to work if they have no reason to be there?” I felt myself sit up straighter, finally having a sense of understanding for my body instead of feeling like a failure, and felt a deep sigh of relief.

The medical system failed me by blinding putting me on hormonal birth control at 14

Which I originally started because I had ocular migraines (plus many other ailments) during my time of the month, and was missing so much school from them. With each new birth control packet came more and more side effects (not to mention more severe mood swings, which I never realized until I was off it.) You would think they’d at least run a hormone panel to see if I had any imbalances while developing, but, instead I was just put on what was hot on the market, switched around from prescription to prescription, and for the following 13 years was told my symptoms are my bodies fault (AKA there was nothing I could do) or I was trying to get medication from my doctor for pain. When in fact, I was sick from the synthetic hormones I was putting into my body without any real explanation why, except that it would make my skin clear, even out my PMS, and stop the ovarian cysts. When in fact, since coming off the pill and switching to a menstrual cup (I say this because conventional tampons still make me cramp like crazy), my endometriosis pain has deeply subsided, and symptoms are less than half of what they used to be.

Of course, fixing my thyroid will probably change my cycle, but I’m at a place in my life where I no longer what to control my body, but give it everything it needs to run at an optimum level.

I’ve been apologizing to my body this year for the years of disordered eating, years of drug and alcohol abuse, and coming to a much better place of understanding, and quite honestly, I feel like even if my body doesn’t back to homeostasis on its own, my mind is reaping more benefits than ever expected.

Even during this time of struggle, I’m treating myself with love and respect, and I advise that you do the same in general if you’re not already. Take a moment today and be grateful for small things, and even more grateful for the bigger picture of being here in the first place.