Hey there! Thanks for checking me out! My name is Courtney, and I’m the fingers behind Quartz and Bees! When I originally started out online, I was obsessed with everything beauty, I mean I know we’re all a little guilty of being sucked into YouTube tutorial videos, my vice just happened to be makeup tutorials (no seriously, like a lot of them). After a while of doing makeup as a way of income, something dawned on me one day, so many people preach “beauty”, but in reality, what does that really mean?

I mean sure, it’s one thing to look beautiful, makeup snatched, hair done, but what about what’s inside? When did everyone suddenly forget about that? I’ve struggled with my mental-health for a long time now, and with the changes I’ve made (soley for personal growth) I’ve really noticed a difference in all aspects of life, and I’m excited to share that with you guys!

Life shouldn’t be condensed into what image you portray, it comes down to your mission, your whole reason to peruse your passions. I wanted to create a space where all types of beauty could collide and produce something truely magical within ourselves. Who says a woman can’t preach self-love, and do their hair and makeup for an hour and a half before a date (only to be called conceited/vain, which has happened to me SO many times in the past, I’m sure you can relate.) More often than not, I see the same people that preach acceptance and love, bashing people who love makeup, cosmetic injections, etc. I’d love to create a space that creates a parallel between inner and outer beauty. A space where you’ll see the importance and benefits of meditation, yoga, self-help, mental health, veganism, and self-care. But, you’ll also be able to learn about topics like skin-care, makeup tips/tutorials, and ethical fashion. Most importantly, how when both worlds join, something magical happens: radical confidence and self-appreciation.

I believe we’re all on a journey, and in that journey something new needs to be learned everyday (whether it’s a lesson, or a neat fact.) I’d like to document and share my journey with all of you, and create a space filled with light and love to grow and thrive in!

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