Breast Augmentation Review Part 2

This is the continuum of my first post regarding my new breast implants, that was from pre-surgery until day seven, this post will be from day ten until week three-ish.

Day ten was especially hard

I was still using the pain killers to help alleviate the pain I had in my right breast at night so I could relax. The doctor explained that because of where my pain was, it was probably nerves. I had shooting pain in my lower poles, which then worked its way up my armpit and down my arm.

Due to still using the narcotics, I had an unexpected flux in my mood swings. Now, mood swings are nothing new to me, but I just wasn’t expecting to have a depressive episode after a surgery that I’ve been waiting to go through with for many, MANY years. I would wake up, get my morning cup of tea, and fight back tears, it was terrible. I was so extremely sad, but couldn’t pinpoint as to why exactly. I chalked it up to being the narcotics and stopped them immediately. Once I stopped them, my mood went back to normal. I was able to start my day without crying, I found more motivation to get moving around the house, it was a complete 180.

I think being house-bound on narcotics and needing help for everything, kind of got into my head. I’m usually extremely active at work, I have a daily yoga practice, and I’m just overall extremely active. A year or so ago, I had mood swings severe enough to interfere with everyday life, and found that daily activity being running, yoga, or weights helped balance me out, so much so that I stopped taking my anti-anxiety medication.


Top: week 1 // Bottom: week 2

The seemingly long journey to two weeks post-op finally came and went.

The biggest change being I could drive with more ease and confidence. It’s still something I’m struggling with at 3 weeks post-op, but I figure the strange feelings should dissipate by week six or so. Putting on my own bra’s and shirts is no longer a problem (phew!) Cooking by myself still takes forever and a day, but I think that’s because of how my kitchen is set up as well as how heavy our cookware is!

I started sleeping a little better each day, I’m still having problems sleeping, but that’s because I’m finally allowed to sleep on my side! Sleeping on my back was giving me major back pain, so I’m extremely relieved! It is a whole new feeling though sleeping on your side, it comes with a whole new set of strange sensations (not painful, but awkward feeling!) I made a make-shift body pillow, because I just don’t know what to do with my arms and before this I just used to sleep on my stomach, or curl into a tiny ball, so this is all new!

I can really feel my energy coming back around this date too, I don’t get exhausted as much and it’s easier to breathe. I didn’t expect to have such tightness in my chest (I clearly wasn’t thinking.) I’ve been making it a point to really focus on my breathing, and make sure I’m not breathing too shallow throughout the day.

The concerns I had with my incisions are non-existent, and it is such a wonderful relief. My right side still has pain, but not as bad as the first week! I’m hoping with time my incision marks will be unnoticeable and regain feeling.

The right breast has some numb areas, which is such a WEIRD sensation in your own body, but I’d honestly rather that than extra pain. When I went in for my re-check the doctor mentioned that this can happen, and the pain in only one side is normal even if it does last for a few months. As long as there isn’t a fever present and the pain isn’t unbearable, I’m in the clear! I wanted to wait a while to post about the incisions because I know that isn’t going to change too drastically between the days, I know weeks and even month comparisons are going to be more helpful. I also know how my body can sometimes take a tad longer to heal than others, so I wanted to wait and assess the situation before I made it out to be worse than it is.

I started work again a little after the two-week mark, I want to say around day 16! Of course, keeping the work-load easy, and not dealing with any large animals.


Top: incisions around 1 week post-op // Bottom : week 3

JPEG image-6D9B3E9A8F77-1

Top: week 2 // Bottom: week 3

Week three has been treating me great, each and every day gets a little bit better from the last.

I’ve noticed the slightest bit of asymmetry, and even though my partner can’t see it, I can which is driving me insane. I know it takes a few more weeks for both of them to heal, because realistically, they’re both not going to heal at the exact same rate, so I just need to keep that in the front of my mind.

I talked to my doctor about exercising at this point in my recovery, and she made it very clear I need to listen to my body. So, my partner and I started walking at sundown to get back in the groove of being active. I don’t want to over exert myself and I’m being very careful while doing so, plus wearing a very supportive bra during this. I’ve also began to use my resistance bands again to hopefully regain the strength I’ve lost during this recovery (plus the time I was sick before surgery.) I’m FINALLY able to pick up my cats, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but they’ve been on their worst behavior and just being pains in the ass! Being able to pick up small animals is something I’m really excited about because that means I’m that much closer to be able to get back into my normal swing of things.

Driving is a lot easier too, definitely not as scary, but still a little uncomfortable at times (i.e.: putting the seat belt on, tight turns, railroad tracks) but not how it was in week two, very manageable now. I can totally feel more bounce and movement, which is a super strange sensation when you’re not used to it, at all! But hey, I’m not complaining! I’m really looking forward to my next appointment because I’m hoping I’ll be able to sleep without a bra on.

Being confined to a sports bra, especially when you’re not used to wearing much of a tight bra in the first place, gets old when you just want to relax. Plus, I have some cute clothes that I want to wear, and bras get in the way. Yes, I’m complaining about bras when I just had a breast augmentation, let me have my first world problems!

In other news, just today I was able to take off my bra by lifting it over my head, something I haven’t done in a long time! Wiggling bras and shirts up and down your body is annoying, and even more so when you’re rushing around for work in the morning if you’re anything like me.

The incision on my right breast seems to be peeling a little bit, which I suspect is dried glue finally coming off of my skin, so let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of that spot being a nuisance!


Top: before // Bottom: week 3

Documenting my journey has really helped me see my results!

I’m so happy I decided to blog about this journey, because it’s easy to get caught up in boob greed or just go back to comparing your results to others. It has been helping me with my body dismorphia for sure, and just overall helping me write out my concerns, seeing that I am in fact healing quite great, and watching my areas of concern disappear.

When you’re in the midst of healing, it seems the road will never end sometimes. The first day I came home, I didn’t know what to expect or what my results would look like, which caused a bit of anxiety. Now later in my journey, I’m learning that everything happens within time, and surgery totally requires more patience that I previously thought!


First day, just coming home after surgery. You can really see how far apart they were pulled.


Week 3 & 1/2 . Clearly, much easier to move, and I can ACTUALLY get some cleavage!

The next time I’ll be doing an update is probably week four or five because nothing drastic is changing, reviewing my one-month post op appointment, and then again around six months when everything finally settles into place for the most part. Hopefully this is helping someone out that’s on the fence about getting a similar procedure! I’m not fully healed yet, but I am so incredibly happy with my results so far and am apprehensive about hitting that three-month mark so I can really get a feel for what they’ll look like (and feel like too, duh. I’ve been doing a lot more boob touching than usual anyways.)

As always, thanks for reading (or looking at my boob pictures ya goons). Any feedback would be great!

Any questions, know you can always reach me on social or shoot me an e-mail!

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