Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

So I wanted to wait until I actually gave my skin some time to adjust before I gave a review because I’ve heard from a few fellow Clarisonic users that your skin goes through a “purge” process and I wanted to be as honest as possible. I have combination skin and I’ve battled adult acne and hormonal cystic acne through out most of my life. Thankfully, my skin didn’t get worse before it got better; it just drastically improved each and every day.

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I’ve been using the Mia 2 for a year with the deep cleansing brush head, and I couldn’t imagine my skin routine without it at this point. My skin is so weird; too much of the wrong kind moisture will cause my skin to erupt in cysts covering my entire chin (and just my chin, ugh). I took a chance last year and started using Lush Cosmetics “9 to 5” cleanser. Wow, wow, WOW do I love this freakin’ stuff. It provides all the moisture my skin needs, without causing me to breakout, and I’m able to achieve that clean feeling without my skin feeling stripped. It’s an oil-based cleanser that you work into the skin, get the impurities out, and wipe away with either a cotton pad or I use a washcloth. I really feel like starting with “9-5” helped my skin have as smooth of a transition as possible.

I currently gravitate toward Drunk Elephant’s Pekee bar (see my last post on my skin routine here for more about this). My T-zone during this whole process has been cooperating quite well; I have less oil, and just an overall healthier finish. However, my chin did become dry the first few weeks, so much so that I needed to pick up using a moisturizer (but I kind of didn’t mind, I should have been using a moisturizer in the first place)


If you’ve never used one, fear not! This thing is completely fool proof (which is great in my case!) Charging is a breeze too, not to mention the battery lasts a very long time in my opinion.  When you turn it on, the power & speed button illuminates indicating that it’s on. Then you have the option to select between normal speed & high speed (I used high speed). Once you turn it on, the device does everything for you pretty much, you just have to move it around your face, ha! Everything is already timed, starting on the forehead, to the chin area, then the cheeks/nose. If any of this seems confusing, I believe my device came with a detailed instruction menu, (I’m not 100% sure though.) Every once and a while, once the first cycle is done, I’ll turn it on again to exfoliate my décolletage because yes, you should be caring for that area too ladies! I feel like it’s so easy to remember to take care of your face, but your neck and hands are equally as important (oh man, que the reminder to use more hand lotion!) I mean honestly, I’m not one for [face] fillers, but thinking of the skin on the back of my hands maturing has me cringing already, and there’s nothing you can really do about the damage on your hands once its there. Hopefully by the time that happens, the future will be on my side and have a cure for it, phew!


Anyways, being totally new to the whole skin care scene, and being totally enamored with masks, I’d say this device is 100% needed for any facemask junkie. Personally, I feel the effectiveness of the mask is increased with using my Clarisonic beforehand, helping my skin soak up all the goodies that different masks provide. Once and a while, I do forget to use it before mask application, and I can feel a difference once I take it off.

Do you have a different favorite way to exfoliate at home? Different methods, maybe even different soaps? Let me know about it, I’d love to hear!

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